About Us

Cash Generator began as a single store operation in Bolton, Greater Manchester, in 1994.  This proved to be an instant success and a further four stores were opened quickly thereafter.  After testing, and successfully refining the earlier store models, Cash Generator started to expand rapidly through franchising in 1997.

At Cash Generator we specialise in selling pre-owned and new high street retail products at discounted prices. In addition to this, we also buy pre-owned products from the general public who wish to both raise cash quickly or simply have no need for the product. Once sold to us, our trained buyers will always provide a 28 day option to the seller in which to buy their item back from us, for an additional fee. This service is known as a buy back. During this 28 day period, the item in question will remain with us, in storage, until such time as the customer either buys the item back or the 28 day option has expired. If the item in question is allowed to expire, this product is then simply retailed via our online platform or retail shop floor.

Fast forward to present day and the company has grown considerably in size and stature over and now includes a network of franchisees that span 100+ stores across England, Wales and Scotland.  At Cash Generator we offer a straightforward bricks and mortar business that delivers secure, instant and convenient cash and retail based services to the general public via our expertly trained staff who are extremely well versed in every aspect of the business.

The success of the Cash Generator concept was first recognised in 2002 and 2004 when two of our franchise stores were finalists for the British Franchise Association (BFA) Franchisee of the Year Awards.  Cash Generator was the winner of the 2002 BFA Franchisor of the Year Award for Building and Maintaining a Nationwide Brand.

As a business, Cash Generator is wholly owned and operated as a consortium by the network of franchisees themselves. This is as a direct result of a franchisee led buyout which completed in 2020. This unique approach provides a platform for the business to be ultra-dynamic in its style to always endeavour to deliver an exceptional customer first attitude and experience within an ever moving and fast paced environment.