Spread the Cost

Put a deposit on it,

Reserve it. pay for it

and take it home before you know it.

You see something. You want it. You can’t afford it. You walk away.

Not at Cash Generator, you don’t.

Here’s what you do; you go up to one of our friendly team and say, "I’d like you to reserve this for me, please."

And that’s exactly what we’ll do.

It’s called 'Spread the Cost' and it's absolutely free. We’ll hold an item for you, while you spread the cost of paying for it.

There are no charges, interest or fees. It just means if you see something you really want, no-one else can get their hands on it, because we lock it away and put your name on it.

  • See it. save it.
  • Want it? we’ll save it.
  • Reserve it.
  • Put your name on it.
  • We’ll hold it.

Here’s how works

Find the product you want and pay a 20% deposit to secure it. We’ll take it off the shelf and put it in safe storage. You then pay off the balance in weekly instalments, up to a maximum of 12 weeks. So for example, you could spread your payments across two or three pay-days. Once you've paid in full, we’ll take the item out of storage and you can take it home.

Look out, here comes the small print

'Spread the Cost' is currently only available in store. Weekly payments can be made by cash, debit or credit card. This service is normally only available on products over £20, but in some stores that value maybe higher or lower.

It’s definitely worth making sure you can afford the instalments because if, for any reason, you can’t pay the balance, you’ll lose your 20% deposit. Sorry about that, but we need to cover the costs of setting things up.

There is some good news though; any other instalments you've made will be refunded if the agreement is cancelled or expires.